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          This medication belongs to a group of tetracyclic antibiotics that produce a drastic impact on the existing bacteria, preventing them from further growth and expansion. Terramycin features interference with the cells of the bacteria, which results in decreased production of bacteria’s proteins, thus, their death. The medication is prescribed for patients, who have infectious disorders caused by bacteria. Most frequently, eye infections are treated with Terramycin.

          Important Information before Terramycin Use

          Consult your healthcare provider before using the treatment. Make sure the remedy will not cause complications and side effects in your body. Certain medical conditions may interact with the treatment, that is why it is important to tell the doctor about other illnesses, health impairments and minor symptoms you have. Do not start Terramycin treatment course if you are sensitive to its ingredients or similar drugs. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also contraindicated for the drug use, since the components of the treatment may significantly affect the health of an unborn and nursing child launching harmful effects.

          Additionally, Terramycin can be used in a combination with other medications for a boosted effect. However, all the drug interactions should be checked with the doctor, as Terramycin, if used with other pharmaceuticals, can cause controversial effects. Ask your healthcare provider about all the medications, both prescription and non-prescription, medical supplements, vitamins and other treatments you are currently taking to prevent possible complications.

          Recommendations for Terramycin Administration

          Follow the instructions given by your doctor while undergoing Terramycin therapy. The medication should be used in the proper dose for a maximal effect and no complications. There are numerous factors that will predetermine the dose, though it is adjusted individually, depending on patient’s health and condition. Terramycin is offered in the form of ointment. To apply the medication you need to make a few steps:

          bullet_ball_blue Wash your hands carefully;
          bullet_ball_blue Pull the eyelid with your index finger;
          bullet_ball_blue Squeeze the ointment to the formed pouch;
          bullet_ball_blue Close your eyes for a couple of minutes;
          bullet_ball_blue Wash your hands again, to get rid of the medication on your hands.

          Keep the medication for the whole length of the prescribed course, since the infection may reappear, while the organism will get antibiotic resistant. Never pass Terramycin to other patients with similar symptoms.

          Possible Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

          Call your healthcare provider in case Terramycin administration caused any complications or side effects, especially:
          bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions;
          bullet_ball_blue Itching;
          bullet_ball_blue Weakness, confusion;
          bullet_ball_blue Severe skin reactions;
          bullet_ball_blue Swelling;
          bullet_ball_blue Loss of appetite;
          bullet_ball_blue Nausea, vomiting, severe stomach disorders.