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          Neurontin belongs to a group of anti-epileptic medications known as anticonvulsants. The active component of the drug, Gabapentin, is responsible for the drastic impact on the nerves and chemicals in the body, which serves a reason of seizure occurrence. As a result, Neurontin is commonly prescribed as a treatment of seizures, nerve pain and other disorders. Call your healthcare provider before off-label drug use. Neurontin is not recommended for patients under 3 years old.

          Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings before Neurontin Administration

          Do not start the therapy if you are not 100% sure it is safe with other diseases you have and medications you take. Consult your physician before Neurontin therapy, providing him/her with essential information about your condition and its symptoms. Besides, mention the overall health state and complications you currently have. Do not take Neurontin in case you are sensitive to Gabapentin or other ingredients of the remedy.

          Inform a medical professional about other health impairments you are diagnosed with, paying ultimate attention to the ones that may interact with Neurontin treatment course:

          bullet_ball_blue Diabetes;
          bullet_ball_blue Heart disorders;
          bullet_ball_blue Kidney or liver diseases;
          bullet_ball_blue Epilepsy;
          bullet_ball_blue Depression, anxiety and others.

          Pregnant and breastfeeding women should restrict Neurontin administration due to a high possibility of side effects occurrence. Additionally, you should provide the doctor with a list of pharmaceuticals you use in order to prevent possible interactions with undesirable consequences.

          Recommendations for Top-Notch Neurontin Therapy

          Administer Neurontin in accordance with the instructions of your healthcare specialist in order to promote an effective and safe therapy. Using the treatment in higher or lower doses can trigger undesirable side effects and significantly change the route of Neurontin action.

          Even though the dose and duration of the therapy commonly depend on the peculiarities of personal health, there are several general recommendations all the patients should follow. Neurontin can be used with and without food, based on personal preferences. Never chew or crush the tablet, unless you just want to divide it in two parts. Sudden stop of the medication intake will stimulate the occurrence of devastating withdrawal symptoms, so consult your healthcare provider about the way to quit taking Neurontin.

          Side Effects and Adverse Reactions Caused by Neurontin Misuse

          Positive changes and condition improvement can sometimes be faded by the side effects and abnormalities caused by Neurontin. The drug misuse or overuse will activate a range of nasty and bothersome symptoms that require medical assistance. The most common include:

          bullet_ball_blue Fatigue, tiredness, weakness;
          bullet_ball_blue Angina, cough and breathing complications;
          bullet_ball_blue Numbness and tingling;
          bullet_ball_blue Symptoms of kidney disorders;
          bullet_ball_blue Allergic reactions and others.