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          Confido is classified as a non-hormonal, completely safe Ayurvedic treatment for male health. The medication affects key centers of the brain and sex organs, decreasing anxiety, increasing calmness, thus, regulating the main functions required during a sexual intercourse. Due to the potential action, the remedy is recommended for patients with several sex-related issues, such as:

          bullet_ball_blue Premature ejaculation;
          bullet_ball_blue Nocturnal emission;
          bullet_ball_blue Spermatorrhoea;
          bullet_ball_blue Erectile dysfunction and others.

          In addition, Confido enhances the overall quality of sexual performance, strengthen libido, sexual desire and other related properties. Commonly, this effective medication helps to keep normal sperm production, fight premature ejaculation and inhibit nocturnal emission. Ask your doctor about off-label Confido uses and their safety.

          Mechanism of Action

          This male treatment contains an innovative formula that consists of natural ingredients only. The combination of herbs stimulates a powerful impact on functioning of men, advancing healthy and satisfactory sex. Among the main components of the drug are:

          bullet_ball_blue Hygrophila that is used to activate male genital system and manage early ejaculation and sexual debility;
          bullet_ball_blue Tribulus terrestris is appreciated for its aphrodisiac qualities that balance testosterone levels;
          bullet_ball_blue Elephant creeper is the ingredient that has a tonic effect;
          bullet_ball_blue Orchis mascula also features a nervine tonic effect, as well as aphrodisiac properties;
          bullet_ball_blue Mucuna pruriens eliminates stress and increases the quality of semen.

          Safe Confido Intake: Indications and Doses

          Take Confido just as prescribed by your healthcare provider. An increased or decreased medication dose may lead to significant disorders and health complications. Inform the doctor about the medical condition you have, paying ultimate attention to illnesses and disorders diagnosed. Additionally, your healthcare provider should be aware of other therapies you undergo. These factors may influence the adjusted dose and duration of the treatment.

          Generally, to treat premature ejaculation, Confido is administered for 2-4 weeks, 1 tablet twice a day. To balance the symptoms of nocturnal emission a patient should use 1 tablet of Confido twice a day for over 5-6 weeks. 1 tablet used two times daily for 4-6 weeks will help you to eliminate the signs of spermatorrhoea.

          Safety Issues before Intake: Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings and Possible Side Effects

          Containing 100% natural ingredients only, the drug is not supposed to cause any abnormalities or complications. However, to guarantee a safe course, a patient should be sure he is not allergic to any ingredient of the remedy and does not meet any contraindications. Contact your healthcare specialist if Confido intake resulted in severe allergic reactions, decreased blood pressure, kidney or liver impairments and other unpleasant conditions.